HockyStick Growth is the rebranding of our flagship company, Kapsica Media. We are a team of ex-Googlers and in 2011, we started out with a goal to help advertisers who were struggling with their ROI or AdWords. Since then, we have had a bevy of satisfied clients whose encouragement became the basis of our scaling up. In fact, we are proud to declare that majority of our clients are word-of-mouth recommendation from existing advertisers.
Today, HockyStick Growth is an End-to-End Digital Agency, with chief focus on Ad Management, SEO, Social Media, Content Services, Email Marketing, Design & Development, App Development, and Analytics – working with multiple clients across verticals and countries around the globe.
  • In-depth AdWords knowledge

  • Live account management experience

  • Understand real life AdWords challenges and how to find solutions

We are a team of ex-Googlers with at least 9 years of individual working experience at Google and have strategized for high-spending clients across US & AU markets, cumulatively managing $50M+ ad spend.

We will stress on details of AdWords management and planning that will help you in management of client accounts.

Our course content contains both extensive theory and practicals.

You will be provided with personal computers where you can practice what you learned.

Our sessions will be interactive with question and answer sessions.

We will have regular quizzes and tests to review your understanding of the platform.

We will have mock tests that will prepare you to succeed in the Google Professional Certification Exams.

Open to Students, Job Seekers, Professionals and Small Enterprises interested in AdWords.